With FREE high speed WIFI available throughout the hotel and public areas, take advantage to send that last minute work email, chat to family online or just catch up on old shows, we encourage you to find wherever you feel like sitting and make it your own.

From the outdoor private terrace with a jug of Pimms, to the historic theatre chairs in the lobby, there is a spot for everyone.

There’s no pretense, just an open environment where you can enjoy your coffee or beer and have an interesting conversation.  Start your day here and end your day here.  Once you check in, you’ll never want to leave.

Looking for somewhere to dine?

Welcome to Magenta, our dishes are curated by Executive Head Chef Manuele Bazzoni, who carefully crafted his 15 year culinary career at Le Boudin Blanc as Head Chef and Trinity to name a few. Each dish is perfectly balanced to delight the senses, to take you on a journey of Italy whilst paired with our extensive wine list, selected by  Sommelier Adriana Valentini.

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Did someone say cocktails?

Inspired by 1800’s quack-physician, Dr James Morison, who believed in a universal vegetable cure for all ailments based on botanical compounds. At Hokus Pokus, the botanical ‘remedies’ are distilled, and served on the rocks instead. Although they are not claiming any health benefits, the team at the Alchemy Lab are confident the tinctures can still do wonders for your mood.

Hokus Pokus is an ode to the location and heritage behind Kings Cross featuring a fascinating blend of 19th century apothecary and retro-futuristic steampunk engine room. The ceiling ripples with electric dynamos, steam valves, copper pipes and circuits forming the backdrop to a complex stage lighting scenography often seen in theatres, for perfect mood lighting.

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