Last night, the UK Government issued further restrictive measures in support of our National Health Service, the NHS. To ensure we support these actions, we have taken further actions to support all these brave people whom we are so heavily dependent on.
We have taken further measures to continue and increase our support where it really matters.
  • All our bedrooms are made available for our emergency services, to assist them in their continued and ungrateful fight against the Covid19.
  • An allocation of rooms is set aside for travelers trying to get home, who are stuck in King’s Cross due to canceled flights and/or Eurostar.
  • We have essential team members in residence, ensuring that they do not need to travel to and from work.
  • Currently, 95% or our workforce has been instructed to remain at home with full pay in support of our Emergency Services and to avoid them exposing themselves and their families to external risks.
These decision has been taken in support of the Government, our Emergency Services, and our amazing team. We truly hope that you understand and support these decisions. We also ask that if you know anyone who might be working for the Emergency Services, and requires assistance, that they contact our Megaro team to discuss how we can support them.
Travel Safety
The wellbeing of our guests and team members is our priority. We are ensuring that:
  • Disinfection schedules in all operational areas are maintained and monitored.
  • Sanitising stations are provided for guests and team members alike.
  • All safety procedures are implemented, reviewed and tested for compliance and functionality.
We understand the stress many of our guests are experiencing. We actively seek to engage with you, offering flexible booking options should your circumstances change. Considering the current situation, we have updated our cancellation policies, reinforcing our commitment to exceptional hospitality with a long term objective in mind;
Travel Restrictions
In areas affected by government-issued travel restrictions, we will offer FREE change of date. This will include all reservations included in examples given below:
Existing Reservations
All reservations, including those considered “non-refundable” – that are scheduled for arrival before 31st March 2020, can be changed for FREE up to 48 hours before scheduled arrival.
New Reservations
Any reservations you make, even those described as “non-refundable” that are booked between today and 31st March 2020, for future arrival before 30th April 2020, can be changed up to 72 hours before scheduled arrival.
We will issue a Voucher that can be used for a stay at the same number of nights for a period of twelve months from the date of issue.
We can no longer offer refunds due to the complicated situation we are experiencing. We had to make a call as to whether we could support our staff and keep their employment secured, and we trust that this decision is the right one. We continue to monitor developments and are fully prepared for swift policy changes.
If your travel agent, including online, promise you a full refund, kindly note that they have done/are doing so without our expressed consent and knowledge. Any questions related to this must be addressed with their customer service teams.
Government Support
The UK government has shown unprecedented support to the Hospitality industry. We do stress that despite what may seem as imminent, the matter of fact is that it will take considerable time before this support actually reaches the businesses. We also understand the immense pressure our friends in the government are under, and will meanwhile prioritise salary payments to our team members.
We firmly believe that the above measures are the right ones to take. We are in a time where friendship, humanity, and hospitality shall prevail. We set the precedence with our decisions, stand firmly behind our actions, and will remain robust in our support where it really matters.
We unreservedly apologise if this has a negative impact on your personal/business financial situation. We also thank you for your support and rest assured that compassion is always rewarded.
We are in this together, in unison, wholeheartedly.
Our Management team is at hand to assist you with any questions you may have and can be contacted on any of the below emails, 24 hours a day. 
The California London –
We will review the situation daily and make suitable amends whenever so required, always in favour of our guests and team. Kindly note that there may be delays in updating websites. Our teams are always up-to-date with the latest developments.
Flexibility, hospitality, and compassion is the core of our ethos, and at these times it is truly being tested. We thank you for your continued support, in the full understanding that we are doing what we think is the right thing.
Kind regards
Christian Kaberg
Group Operations Director