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Punk rock might have had it’s hay day in the 1970’s – but it is still alive and well 40 years later (especially here at The Megaro).

Here are 5 signs you’re still a punk rocker at heart. 

  1. YOU STILL HAVE A SMALL SCAR FROM THE NOSE RING YOU WORE IN THE 70’S – hey! It looked cool when you were a teen – and would still look cool (if only you didn’t work in investment banking…)
  1. YOU PLAY STICKY FINGERS ON REPEAT ON YOUR IPHONE – classics never go out of style (like your old Vivian Westwood leather jacket) – and the Rolling Stones (or Stones to you) are no exception.
  1. YOU SECRETLY VOTE FOR LABOUR – you wouldn’t admit it to your Board Room chums but the deep-rooted rebel in you just can’t face voting for the establishment.
  1. YOU SHOP LOCALLY – your love of the spiked mohawk you once sported might have faded but you love of local commerce has never died. You wouldn’t be seen dead in a Tescos or Starbucks.
  1. YOU CAN STILL PLAY THE GOD SAVE THE QUEEN GUITAR SOLO – it might now be more of an occasional party trick at weddings than a tune to impress your punk peers during a jam session on a Tuesday night at ‘the social’ but it still remains part of your repertoire (and you still rock it).