Host. Brilliantly
Stamp vouchers. Ya know, with style
Sing while you stir
Have a great hair day
Clean. Scrub. And deck scrub
Only leave when the job is finished
Juice with both hands
Work it like you own it
Sneak an espresso in for the boss
Smile. Keep smiling….
Listen to the same track at 7pm every day. Yup. That one
Recite your preferred Bloody Mary recipe in your interview
Provide accurate directions to the British Museum. Or Paris
Get that daiquiri just right every time
Sounds just like you? Great, you might be our next Bartender! Now, solve our riddles and send a damn good CV.

What is your current favourite bar and why?
Where on earth does someone go out in King’s Cross after midnight on a Tuesday?
Why are you quite so special? Keep it under 30 words please.